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The documentary will narrate cinematically the greatest achievements and contributions of the Church, through the biography of great fathers and teachers who were active between 1453 and the revolution of 1821.

Some of these are:

  • The Secret School
  • The Synod of 1593 – Patriarch Jeremias II – establishes the foundation for education.
  • Publication of ‘Hermes the Scholar’ in Vienna
  • Establishment of the ‘Greek School’ in Cyprus
  • Ίδρυση της «Ελληνικής Σχολής» στην Κύπρο
  • Establishment of the Athoniada School
  • Re-establishment of the Great School of the Nation
  • Establishment of a Leadership Academy (Lyceum of Bucharest)

Mention of great personalities, such as:

  • Gennadios Scholarios (1400-1473), Patriarch of Constantinople
  • Kyrillos Loukaris (1572-1638)
  • The Great Martyr Saint Kosmas Aitolos (1714-1779)
  • Kyprianos (1726-1783), Cypriot Patriarch of Alexandria
  • Rigas Velestinlis (Ferraios) (1757-1798)
  • Evyenios Voulgaris (1716-1806)
  • Grigorios V (1756-1821) Patriarch of Constantinople


Our company Honeybee Audiovisual, is producing a lengthy ninety-minute (90-minute) creative historical-religious documentary entitled ‘The Enlighteners of the Greek Nation, 1453 to 1830’. The documentary explores the role of the Church in the awakening of the Greek nation during Ottoman rule, until the revolution of 1821.


With this production, we aspire to highlight the spiritual work that the Church has performed over the centuries, so as to impede efforts that denigrate this contribution.

Besides, we want to address the crucial question: ‘What has been the real role of the Church in society over the centuries?’


We are the first who want to highlight the period of the awakening of the Greek nation, from a purely spiritual standpoint.

It is well known that ‘the revolution of 1821 succeeded thanks to the passion and faith of a handful of people, though everything pointed to the opposite outcome’. We aspire to highlight these features.



We expect that shooting will take place in 8 countries:

Greece: Athens, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Mount Athos, Chios, Mytilene, Crete, Zakynthos, Corfu, Villages of the Peloponnese, Villages in Thrace, Villages in Messolonghi

Turkey: Constantinople, Smyrna

Cyprus: Nicosia

Bulgaria: Sofia

Italy: Venice

Germany: Leipzig

Romania: Bucharest, Iași

Ukraine: Poltava, Russia


The production is based on historical research carried out by Father George Metallinos, professor emeritus of the Theological University of Athens, who will be the historical advisor of the series.

Academic support will be provided by important scholars such as:

  • Kriton Chrysochoïdis, Emeritus Research Director of the Institute for Historical Research/National Research Foundation
  • Dimitrios Georgios Metallinos, Doctor of History, graduate of Theology and Philology, Lecturer of the Department of Archives, Library and Museology of the Ionian University
  • Charalambos Minagoglou, Doctor of Modern History (NTUA)
  • P. Spyridon Angelopoulos, Professor of the Rizarios Higher Ecclesiastic School
  • Georgios Filias, Professor of the Theological Faculty of the University of Athens


Honeybee Audiovisual is active in the production of TV series and broadcasts, movies, and spots, documentaries and corporate video.

Among its clients are Greek and foreign state institutions, organizations, business groups, non-governmental organizations, universities in Greece and abroad, cultural operators, TV stations and a large number of private sector companies.

Recently, our collaboration with COSMOTE TV has been completed on a co-production of a series of 15 episodes of historical documentary entitled “1912-1922: The 10-year war of Greece”, which focuses on the most critical decade of modern Greek history. This series aspires to capture cinematically the shocking military, political and diplomatic events of the 1912-1922 period, attempting to use the findings of current historiography.

Honeybee Audiovisual is a founding member of the Greek Network Global Compact of the United Nations. Global Compact, the largest global Corporate Responsibility initiative, has some 5,000 members (companies, international trade unions, actors, non-governmental organizations, etc.) from all parts of the world that share the core values of human rights, work treaties, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.


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